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Volunteer Activities

PPAG volunteers are responsible for deciding the programme direction of the Association and are supported by staff to plan and implement all...
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Volunteer Structure

1. The Annual General Meting (AGM): The Annual General Meeting is the highest body that meets annually to: Review the Association’s activities...
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Volunteer Membership

Membership is open to: – Any person, or institution that agrees with and believes in the objectives, policies and activities of the...
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Who is a PPAG Volunteer?

A PPAG Volunteer is any individual whose time, talents and specialised knowledge and other resources are given freely for the achievement of...
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Volunteer Achievements

Since the appointment of the first full time staff in August 1967, the Association has managed to recruit highly qualified staff. The...
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Volunteer Services

Facility based services are delivered through Youth Centres and youth-friendly clinics where young people have access to SRH information, education, recreation, skills...
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Aims and Objectives

Our Strategic Objectives Galvanize commitment and secure legislative policy and practice improvements Engage women and youth leaders as advocates for change Enable...
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Introduction & Background

The introduction of Family Planning activities in Ghana started in 1966 when Mrs. Betty Hull, the Regional Liaison Officer of the International...
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