Improving Volunteer Participation in Programmes and Governance

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Project Summary
Volunteers, including YAM members will be mobilized and empowered to perform their policy and resource mobilization roles for the Association, through increase in volunteer drive and other initiatives. Measures will be put in place to ensure continued compliance with International, National and IPPF standards for resource mobilisation.

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Project Justification
PPAG was born out of volunteerism. This has been the backbone of the Association in that without volunteers there is no PPAG. Volunteers have over the years performed their roles and responsibilities in governance, policy formulation and resource mobilization which contribute to the Association’s longstanding status as a leading SRHR NGO in Ghana. Volunteer membership and participation is however, dwindling. Targeted recruitment and capacity building is required to sustain the volunteer base in order to achieve Outcome 4 of the Association’s new strategic plan.

Specific Objectives

  • To increase volunteer membership to 3,000 by the end of December 2017
  • To ensure 100% participation of volunteers in the Association’s programmes and activities by the end of December 2017
  • To ensure 100% compliance with international and national standards by the Association by the end of December 2017.
1 Project Title Improving volunteer participation in programmes and governance  ( improving volunteerism and governance for effecting SRHR Programming)
1.1 Code VP 1
1.2 IPPF Strategic Outcomes A high performing, accountable and united Federation
1.3 IPPF Priority Objectives: (IPPF strategic Framework) Grow our volunteer and activist supporter base
1.4 IPPF Expected Result (Global) 5 million supporters including 2 million IPPF volunteers and 3 million on-line activists.
1.5 IPPFAR Expected Result 100,000 IPPF volunteers and  250,000 online activists mobilized to support IPPF’s vision and mission in the Africa Region (exact figures to be worked out)
1.7 Project Goal To strengthen the recruitment and management of volunteers to participate in  governance and programmes
1.11 Start date January 2017
1.12 End date End of December 2017
1.14 Implementation Location Head Office, the three zones,  24 Adult Volunteer Branches and 21 YAM Branches
1.15 Programme theme
Theme 1 Governance
Theme 2 Membership
1.16 Key Beneficiaries KB 1 Women, men and young people
KB 2
1.20 Key external partnerships IPPF
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