Project for Improving Reproductive Health in Kwahu East District

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Project summary: Access to skilled delivery remains a problem in the Kwahu East District. Skilled delivery dropped from 38.4% to 35.1% against a national prevalence of 97% in 2015 (DHMT Report, 2015). The second phase of the project is in its third year of implementation. It continues to contribute towards the achievement of SDGs 3 (Health) and the universal access to and linkage between RH services, increased knowledge and strengthened community participation.  The facility will partner with the Ghana health service, the district assembly and community people to provide Comprehensive Abortion Care, management of minor ailments through the static clinics and integrated, interactive outreach, behavior change communication activities, film shows and CIC Programmes.

Project Justification: Though the project continues to achieve successes, a lot still needs to be done to address the high rates of teenage pregnancies, (16.1% in 2015 and 13.7 % at half year 2016), which are due to low utilisation of family planning services (16.4%), low knowledge of SRH and low health seeking behaviour among the people. Unwanted and high risk pregnancies and home deliveries still persist in the communities due to poor attitudes towards maternal health issues. These have necessitated the implementation of a second phase of the project to sustain the gains made and improve upon the health indicators of the Kwahu East district.

Specific Objectives:
1.   To increase access and utilisation of quality SRHR services of 23,918 in 2015 by 20% by end of year 2017.

2.  To Increase Knowledge and improve attitudes towards SRH and health-seeking behavior among the community people by 20%.

3. To strengthen partnership among key stakeholders and linkages between RH services and community people by 20%.