The Comprehensive Adolescent Sexual And Reproductive Health And Rights (CASRHR)

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The CASRHR project seeks to improve the reproductive well-being of young people between the ages of 10-24. During the year, several activities were implemented under the project. These activities were mostly community and school based where the teams reached out to ten communities and several other schools (both SHS and JHS) to provide young people with comprehensive SRHR information and services. During the year, the team visited communities and schools and invited young people to the Jisonayili Youth Center for SGBV activities. Other activities were meetings with the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) which was rejuvenated during the year. The idea of rejuvenating the YAB was to use young people to introduce new ideas to improve attendance to the youth centre.


Apart from the usual services like family planning, STI syndromic management, HTC, treatment of minor ailments and general SRH counseling, the centre ( clinic) started with  Child Welfare Care(CWC), this is  intended to capture nursing mothers to take up FP methods alongside the weighing of the babies.

External obstructions like lack of privacy for clients and community interference have been major impediments to the smooth provision of these services, As protocol demands, the  zone formed and inaugurated the quality of care team(COC) and clinic Management committee to serve as supporting bodies to the clinic team in ensuring quality service provision and over all activities of the clinic.

The year also saw various BCC activities conducted; involving the Sista’s clubs and other all boys’ groups. These activities included debates, games and quiz competition among Sista’s groups and boys’ groups.

In terms of direct service provision, the centre was able to reach out to about 1040 young people with 38,353 contraceptives of all kinds.

The use of the help line to reach young people with SRHR information was also ongoing whiles youth facilitators engaged in their educative sessions with young people who visit especially the library. LPS sessions were also undertaken within the project to groom young people into responsible adults.