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Christmas comes early is an initiative of YAM-GH where volunteers mobilize resources and visit orphanages across the country to donate, interact and hold SRHR facilitation sessions with children/orphanages. On Saturday 16th January 2017, the Legon branch in partnership with *Soar Global Foundation*visited Echoing Hills Village Orphanage and donated items including provisions, clothes and other toiletries. Children were taken through topics such as self-esteem, living your dream, benefits of reading, hygiene and motivated the kids to hope for a better future irrespective of where they find themselves and the challenges they are faced with.

YAM volunteers played some indoor games and ate with them in a small early Christmas party.

Echoing Hills Village Orphanage is the home of homeless children, victims of Child abuse, orphans and Special Children. It is located in a place called Red Cross in Madina in Accra. With a high number of orphans and children with disabilities, Echoing Hills has no government support; they survive from Charity and donations. This is why volunteers of the Legon branch of the Youth Action Movement made themselves Friends of Echoing Hills, and this visit is the 3rd visit within two years.

To all those who donated to make our visit possible, the Children say GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU FOR YOUR KIND HEART’.  Thank you to our volunteers who stayed behind after exam to put a smiles on the faces of these young ones. Your dedication is much appreciated.

Christmas Comes Early at the Countryside Children’s Welfare Home

The Accra Branch in partnership with Accra Youth Champions, on Saturday 16th December, 2017 embarked on the same initiative to brighten the lives of the children at the Countryside Children’s Welfare Home in Bawjiase where items such as drinks, clothing, biscuits, rice, sugar, maize, soaps, stationeries etc. were donated in support of the children’s upkeep.

As part of the visit, the campers were put into focus group to discuss issues of Self-Esteem, Personal Hygiene, Abstinence and Sexual Harassment. Later on, the volunteers had lunch with the children with the kids. It was a sight to behold!

The Countryside Children’s Welfare home is situated at Bawjiase in the central region of Ghana and their purpose is to provide parental care and training for the needy children in order to prepare them for life with confidence as their hallmark. The number of children at the home is about 100 and 10 mothers assist the founder affectionately called Auntie Emma to look after the children. Most children at the home are abandoned children who are brought in by the Social Welfare. Others are children whose parent/guardians cannot provide for their needs; and orphaned children. It was indeed a great opportunity to interact with these promising young ones who are primed with candor and have great aspirations in life to contribute to the youthful boom as described by the organization in harnessing of the Demographic Dividend. Therefore, it is important that we include them in all spheres of SRHR activities as they form an integral part of our society.

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