We recognise the different needs and scope of agencies and therefore of variety offer a training programmes each with the view of responding to special demands, be it Peer Education, Community Based Services training and Participatory Rural Appraisals work place programmes 4among others.
The training types offered include:

  • Introductory one-day orientation to equip participants with knowledge and skills in relation to specific SRH issues
  • In depth 5-10 day training workshops to equip selected participants with knowledge and skills in relation to specific SRH issues
  • A “Training of Trainers” (TOT) workshop to equip selected trainees with the necessary skills to train other trainers in SRH issues
  • Refresher courses are also offered to already trained persons

The duration and venue for the various programmes are adapted to suit particular requirements of the agencies. PPAG has provided consultancy training services for various NGOs, Schools, Religious Organizations, the Public and the Private Sector.

Our Expertise
As  the only MA of IPPF to pass all 65 standards of accreditation on the first 80

PPAG draws from its 40 years of experience in the field of SRH to offer consultancy training services. PPAG is the largest and remains one of the leading NGOs in the field of SRH. Having pioneered many projects in Ghana including Family Life Education (FLE) youth, Community Based Services, Male Clinics, and integrating Family Planning into community development projects.

We operate with a team of competent, qualified and skilled core of trainers in all regions in the country. The Association relies on a core of volunteers who are in the various fields such as medical, law etc in providing SRH Services.

PPAG is known to be flexible in contract agreements with agencies for training services. Our flexibility spells out our commitment to create avenues for all Ghanaians to access appropriate areas of relevant information and services to achieve good sexual health. It also promotes our aim to make clients feel comfortable doing business with us.

Community participation in SRH
PPAG is committed to its vision of Ghana becoming a country in which people are well informed and are making the right choices about sexual and reproductive health. This brings about the productive workforce needed to improve the socio economic status of the country.

Our charges are moderate and determined by a number of factors such as number of participants to be trained, type of training, location and the consultancy.

Other Consultancies
PPAG also undertakes research in various areas of SRH for various organizations including:

  • Baselines
  • Project Needs Assessments
  • Evaluation

We have a vibrate up to date publishing unit that will provide you with quality and timely delivery of all your materials, including:

  • Workshop Kits
  • Manuals
  • Leaflets
  • Flipcharts
  • Wedding / funeral invitations
  • Banners, etc.

Some of our clients are GAC, VSO, ADRA and GHAFES to name a few. Every publication need will be satisfied at affordable prices.

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