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The IDECIDE Campaign was launched in April 2017 by International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) to build on the “Know It Own It” campaign which has helped the federation since its launch to reach approximately 4,000 people every day with messages on the importance of Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Youth Rights. The IDECIDE Campaign is on the IPPF new Vision2020 campaign focused on ‘Universal and equitable access to family planning for women and girls everywhere’.

The campaign built on the successful youth engagement element of “Know It Own It” and helped to position young people as leaders in the push for universal access to contraception. The 2017/2018 Campaign will focused on Goals 2 & 7 of our Vision 2020 agenda; ‘increasing access to SRHR to address inequality” and “reducing unmet need for family planning services’.

We have reached decision-makers and influential individuals to make the case for why we need to address unmet family planning needs for the underserved, vulnerable and marginalized. The Youth Action Movement will engaged also, women and young people everywhere to push the agenda for universal and equitable access to family planning.

Some of these individuals include the Former Minister of Youth and Sports and MP for Odododiodio constituency for in the erstwhile administration, Hon Edwin Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, the Executive Director of National Population Council, the national SHEP Coordinator, youth advocates and activists and many others. As we continue to campaign for this agenda, we hope the pilot exercise for the inclusion of FP in the National Health Insurance Scheme will scale up to be a national intervention and also make contraceptive accessible.

You can always commit to the campaign by taking a picture with yourself committing to any of the key Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights focus messages below:

  • #IDECIDE-to support equal access to family planning
  • #IDECIDE-to champion contraceptive use amongst young people to aid in a sustainable demographic dividend
  • #IDECIDE-to learn more about my sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • #IDECIDE-to advocate for equal access to contraceptives for young females
  • #IDECIDE-I have the right to plan my family
  • #IDECIDE-we support and advocate Comprehensive Sexuality Education for young people
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