Terms of Reference for New Website Development, Hosting, Maintenance and Re-design of existing PPAG Website.

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Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) is a sexual and reproductive health education, information and service delivery non-governmental organization. The organization’s expertise is in the area of programme development and implementation to enhance young people and women’s access to sexual and reproductive health education, information and services towards addressing their reproductive health needs.

PPAG is a member of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), and has over the period implemented youth focused programmes in the area of advocacy and service delivery to create the enabling environment for young people to access Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information and services. its activities PPAG has achieved substantial success in the area of youth programme. It has therefore become necessary to sustain the gains and harness the strength and opportunities to the benefit of other Member Associations (MA) of IPPF , other Civil Society Organizations, Youth-led groups/Organizations and other stakeholders within the region.

PPAG through the Centre of Excellence programme funded by Global Alliance Canada (GAC) will assume the leadership in supporting IPPF Anglophone Member Associations and other stakeholders to strengthen their youth programmes within the Africa region.

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) programme is expected to share expertise and knowledge with others to support them to implement quality youth programming whilst addressing the challenges of taking programmes to scale and to spread expertise and knowledge in order to support other stakeholders implement quality youth centered programming whilst addressing the challenges of large-scale implementation. As typical of CoEs, it will continuously tests and implement best practice youth centered programs to identify promising practices and to validate concepts while at the same time keeping abreast with the latest developments and evidence in the SRHR field.

It is expected that at the end of the intervention;

  1. PPAG as a member of the CoE will have increased capacity to deliver technical assistance around best practices in youth-centered programming to 6 IPPF MAs and 3 other Civil Society or NGOs (including youth-led/focused group or organization) by the end of September 2021.
  2. There will be increased resources for the CoE (Youth) to support dissemination and replication of best practices to others in youth-centered programming by the end of September 2021.
  3. Analysis of successes that points to tackling these challenges, including forming and working through strategic coalitions, employing strategic framing of SRHR issues to counter opposition and gain support, collaborating with government, and employing strategic opportunism.

Purpose of the assignment

The Consultant or Company will be contracted to develop a dynamic website for the CoE Programme, and Re-design the existing PPAG-Website.

Objectives of the website

  1. To be the first point of reference on the CoE programme of activities on the Internet.
  2. To improve quality of youth-centered programming supported by the CoE in selected West African and Latin American countries
  3. To showcase CoE
  1. Provide resources for CoE to support dissemination and replication of best practices to others in youth-centered programming
  2. To make key documents and activity briefs, news and updates accessible to the public
  3. Build a content management system to manage the Partners, trainers, and best practices of activities.
  4. Create a content management system that allows the CoE team to update information easily (through predefined sections and outlines with titles and contents editable by administrator. The editable content allows different formats, such as flash, text, image, etc.)
  5. Provide a platform for interaction and information sharing among all those interested (knowledge repository)
  6. Implement a basic “blog” function with integrated with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube; website should facilitate streaming of information between these different platforms)
  7. Browser compatibility. The site must be compatible with the current versions of the browsers.
  8. Add a comprehensive search functionality to the website
  9. Optimize the site for low bandwidth users.
  10. The Website should be optimized with Search Engine Optimisation, to ensure that it appears on top of the lists on search engines.
  11. To provide support where required for maintenance and updates to the website.
  12. To provide icons for sourcing funding

Specific tasks

Design and build the website as per the requirements above and in line with the CoE branding. The website developer will be supervised by the MIS Manager who will facilitate the provision of content and guidance on the desired design and structure.


  1. The website is responsive, fully developed, functioning and running online without any flaws
  2. The website is designed and programmed in a way that enables the selected West African and Latin American countries to manage its content. This includes handover of admin rights (multiple admins) enabling CoE and its partners to change all content autonomously.
  3. The Website design is based on the CoE identity and guidelines as stated may be provided by the MIS Manager.
  4. Fully functional content management system.
  5. Configuration documentation and guidelines which clearly state how to manage the website, details on the hosting arrangement, environment and its configuration are provided

Features of the website

  • Home page with a graphic element giving an overview of the CoE program and its main components.
  • Content Management system.
  • Event/calendar
  • Search engine: The solution should provide users with the ability to search for and locate content based on keywords and key phrases, date, country, work streams
  • Google analytics
  • Media centre and Links
  • knowledge repository
  • Backend feature for updating content.
  • Blogs
  • Icon for sourcing funding

Time lines:

No. Activity Time Frame
1 Website architecture Design 1 Week
2 Content writing and assembly 2Week
3 Development and programming 3 Weeks
4 Beta testing and review (Draft version) 1 Week
5 Site launch – Provide final version 1 Day
6 Maintenance and Enhancements 6 Months

The consultant or company is required to submit a detailed proposal on how the website will be designed including the complete costs of the website, Domain, and Hosting.

All Proposals should be submitted to consultancy@ppag-gh.org .

NB: Deadline is 27th August, 2021 


Job Features

Job CategoryConsultancy, Non-Executive Position

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