Leadership, Management and Governance (LMG) Programme

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PPAGs successfully completed the implementation of the 2015 Leadership Development Programme (LDP+ roll-out). This was possible with budget support from IPPF Africa Region (IPPFARO) which was directed towards roll-out training, monitoring and results sessions. With the 2015 roll-out, PPAG continued to see improved service delivery and service patronage at its health facilities. An additional five centers were added to those of the first roll-out in 2014. The new sites included:

  • PPAG Kotoso Reproductive Health Center
  • Sogakope Young & Wise Center
  • Accra Young & Wise Center
  • Mepe Young & Wise Center
  • PPAG Kparigu Community Health Center

The roll-out at the new centers were facilitated by Facilitators trained by the IPPF-USAID-MSH LMG programme in 2014. Each center developed its Challenge Model and Action Plan which have been implemented and reported successfully. Based on completion of the cycle, the results sessions have been held where partners and the media were present to hear PPAG’s stories. At the results session, a strong case of partnership and replication was made with representatives of the National Youth Authority and Ghana Health Service indicating their interest in partnering with PPAG to explore possibilities of implementation within their organizations.