Ms. Anatu Haruna

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Ms. Anatu Haruna, 21 years old, elected youth representative to Council, Northern Zone.

Educational/Professional background

Anatu Haruna attended basic and junior high school in ……,  where she was the Assistant Girls Prefect and completed in 2010. She proceeded to Senior High School in Salaga Ahmadiyya  Senior High School , an Islamic missionary school, read a General Arts programme and graduated  2013. She is presently pursuing a certificate programme in a nursing and midwifery school in Nalerigu.

What has she gained from being a member of PPAG?

A notable benefit derived from being a member of PPAG is that that she has been able to develop rapport with adults and interact well with her peers. Her hobbies include cooking, reading and entertaining herself; AND she stands for peace wherever she finds herself.

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