Young & Wise

What do we do?

In line with International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Vision 2000 Strategic Plan (1999), Young & Wise aims at achieving the following objectives and outcome by providing quality SRH services to young adults. It also empowers young people with strategies and information on how to abstain and maintain quality SRH life style. Activities at Young & Wise Centres among other things, aims at achieving some of all of the following:

  • To Increase Knowledge of Young Adults on SRH Issues through:
    • An Audio / Reference Library
    • A Computer Centre And Internet Café
    • Be Wise Multimedia Campaign
  • To Increase Access Of Young People To Quality SRH Services Through:
    • An SRH clinic located in a youth friendly environment
    • Specialized counseling for young adults on the help line “Be Wise Let’s Talk”
  • To Increase Participation Of Young Adults In The Planning, Implementation And Evaluation Of SRH Programs Through:
    • The participation of Peer Educators and other youth in decision making
    • The involvement of youth staff in steering the activities of Young & Wise
  • Increase Demand For And Use Of SRH Services By:
    • A multi-media campaign which creates demand for the use of SRH services by: Linking youth with the Young & Wise Centres
    • Providing educational and entertaining forums for the exploration of teen health issues
    • De-mystifying and dispelling myths about sexual and reproductive health issues.
    • Using a multi-media approach to create safe-sex knowledge and the transformation of this.
  • Young & Wise Youth Centres will provide:
    • A stimulating and youth-focused environment to ensure an ongoing youth involvement.
    • Education and outreach to youth through the increased presence of trained peer.
    • What will you get from being part of Young & Wise?
    • Free information on Sexual and Reproductive Health and other youth concerns
    • Access to HIV preventive services including management of sexually transmitted infections, voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) for (HIV), general counseling and condoms.
    • Life Planning Skills (LPS) that helps you face the challenges of growing up and enables you to make the right decisions about your sexual health
    • Access to recreational facilities in Young & Wise Centres and
    • The opportunity to participate in Young & Wise competitions
    • The opportunity to be trained as a Peer Educator
    • The opportunity to volunteer your services in a Young & Wise facility.
  • The Accra Young & Wise Centre has a Main Hall half full of fun and games. You can:
    • Watch DVD movies on a 34 inch colour TV!
    • Listen to all the hippest HIP LIFE, R&B, JAZZ etc. while you play or have a SNACK!!
    • Join in our educating and informative discussions in SRH, CAREER TALKS and COMMUNITY SERVICE we provide our communities.
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