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The visit to Egyeikrom refugee camp was observed to mark the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day, the World Peace Day and the National Volunteers Day celebrations (21st September) and to remind young people in Ghana of the importance of Peace and our Founder’s love for Africa and a fellow African.

Egyeikrom Refugee Camp was setup in the year 2011 in the Central Region of Ghana to shelter refugees from Ghana neighbouring Côte d’Ivoire who fled as a result of conflict. The numbers increased to over 1,400 refugees due to political instability during the Ivory Coast general election in 2015. Considering how vulnerable these campers are the Legon Branch of the Youth Action Movement-Ghana embarked on this visit to make donations of an undisclosed amount and items.

Our volunteers saw the need to visit these young people, play with them and discuss issues concerning their sexuality.  Focus group discussions were held to discuss age appropriate SRHR topics including Sexual Harassment, Self Esteem, STI, the menstrual cycle and menstrual hygiene, bed wetting, Personal Hygiene and the ABC rule of Reproductive Health.

In all, over 150 refugees between the ages of 13-25 years were reached through the focus group discussions which proved very useful and provided the opportunity for some participants to share their challenges and experiences.

As advocates for the sexual and reproductive well-being of young people, we call on the government to create an intervention which will address the SRHR needs of these young people considering that their health needs are not in the mainstream of general healthcare particularly sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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