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Who We Are

The Youth Action Movement – Ghana (YAM) is the youth wing of PPAG. YAM is a
youth movement for young people, by the young people of PPAG. It advocates for
positive change in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights among young people in
Ghana as well as any other challenge that the Ghanaian youth faces. It works in
collaboration with other youth groups and organizations through focused
programmes. YAM will work within the framework of the PPAG constitution.

Our Core Values


To advocate for and act on behalf of young people in Ghana in the area of Sexual and
Reproductive Health and Rights and other issues that affect their total development.

Our Vision

To be a youth movement well positioned to create an enabling environment for the youth
of Ghana to freely enjoy their Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, as well
as articulate the many issues that the Ghanaian youth faces.

Aims and Objectives

To advocate for the recognition of and respect for adolescent reproductive health and
rights and access to education, information and other services.
To promote social progress and improve healthy life-styles for the youth in Ghana
To advocate for the removal of socio economic, cultural barriers and policies that impede
the total development of the youth.
To advocate for the formulation and implementation of policies that ensure a conducive
environment for the development and progress of the youth
Improve leadership and partnership capacities of young people through training and
experience sharing
To collaborate with concerned agencies to address challenges facing the youth.

Young People aged 10- 24 years
Policy makers/Community Opinion Leaders
Religious groups
Partner organizations


Membership is open to all youth of sound mind who are 10 to 24 years through
All registered members shall pay YAM dues, determined from time to time by the
Council of PPAG.
YAM member above the age of 18 years shall be considered volunteers of PPAG.
National Congress shall be the highest decision making body for YAM and shall elect the
National YAM President and the Treasurer from among the youth representatives to the
Council of PPAG. The national congress shall be attended by:
The National Executive Committee
Branch Chairpersons or in their absence representatives chosen by the branch.
The immediate past YAM President
The YAM Coordinator and
The Executive Director or any staff member.
The National YAM president shall chair congress. Only members of the National
Executive Committee and elected members shall have the right to vote.
The committee shall be made up of
The three (3) youth representatives to national council
Zonal chairpersons
One elected member from each zone
The immediate past YAM President
The YAM Coordinator shall be secretary to the committee
The President shall chair all meetings of the National Executive Committee.
The committee shall meet at least twice each year.
The committee shall work in close collaboration with the YAM Coordinator and Director
of Programmes and shall lead in policy formulation and support programme planning and
The zonal congress shall be attended by chairpersons from each branch and in their
absence an elected member from the branch. The congress shall elect the zonal representative to
PPAG national council, the zonal chairperson and other members of the Zonal Executive
The committee shall be made up of:
The zonal chairperson elected by the zonal congress (among the branch chairpersons)
The current and immediate past zonal youth representatives to the national council
All branch chairpersons
The Zonal Manager shall be in attendance
The committee shall elect a zonal treasurer and a secretary.
The Zonal Executive Committee shall be responsible for the operation of YAM at the
Zonal level and will work in close collaboration with the Zonal manager
Each branch shall organize an annual branch congress which shall be attended by all
members. The annual branch congress shall elect the branch executive committee.
The committee shall be made up of the:
Treasurer and
Two other members
At least 50% of the members shall be female
The local executive committee shall be responsible for the operation of the branch.
YAM shall operate in close collaboration with the adult PPAG volunteer branches in the
country and other youth organizations
The committee shall be made up of members from the zones who can liaise with the
media for advocacy purposes in their respective zones. The number of members of the
committee shall be determined by congress from time to time. The committee shall
research, review, monitor as well as provide YAM and the youth with adequate
information. The committee shall be accountable to the national executive committee.
Expanding access to information and services through mass media (radio, TV, print etc)
Community outreach programmes including social mobilization, presentations, durbars,
community drama
Interpersonal communications
Any group of fifteen or more young persons can form a local branch. The group shall
write to the Zonal Executive Committee indicating clearly their wish to constitute a
The Zonal Executive Committee shall discuss and forward recommendations to the
National Executive Committee for final approval
Should the National Executive Committee approve the request, the zone shall organize an
orientation for the branch to enable it function properly within the structure of YAM.
A branch which for two consecutive years does not have a membership of fifteen fully paid
up members shall be suspended. Support shall be provided to such a branch at the zonal level for
a period of one year, if after such support the said branch is unable to sustain the required
membership it shall be dissolved by a decision of congress.
YAM shall be the youth volunteer wing of PPAG and shall represent young people at all
levels of the governance structure (Branch, Zonal and National levels) as well as on all
programmes.  YAM members shall elect their own representatives to the Branch, Zonal and National
Annual General Meetings (AGM) as well as governance structure.
YAM members shall be selected in consultation with the National Officer holders of YAM
for programmes and other non-elective member functions
YAM executives at each level (Branch, Zonal and National) shall facilitate the election of
youth as representatives to the governance structure and AGM. The National President with
two other young people (from zones other than that of the National President) shall represent
YAM at Annual Programme and Budget consultative meetings
YAM members shall be selected in consultation with the National YAM Office holders to
represent YAM at International Policy making levels
The election procedures laid down in the PPAG constitution shall be used during all YAM
1. To be kept informed
2. To be equal with fellow YAM members
3. To receive the orientation and training for the job
4. To be given guidance and direction
5. To be respected and recognized
6. To be reimbursed for approved expenses in accordance with Article 4 of the PPAG
1. To devote his/her time and talents freely and to be loyal to the Association without
expectation of financial reward.
2. To carry out assignment given him / her to the best of his ability.
3. To maintain and promote good working relationships with other Volunteers and staff.
4. To assist in programme / policy development in furtherance of the objectives of the
Association and to accept guidance and constructive criticism.
In all cases not clearly stated in these guidelines YAM will follow procedures outlined in
the PPAG constitution.

Our Leaders

Claudia Koudjoe Lawson - YAM – Legon Branch
Claudia Koudjoe Lawson
National President

Claudia Afua Koudjoe Lawson is an old student of Mfantsiman Girls’ Senior High School and a final year student at the University of Ghana-Legon studying BSc. Administration (Insurance option). [View Profile]

Mohammed Numbo Fathiyat
Mohammed Numbo Fathiyat
National Treasurer

Mohammed Numbo Fathiyat is a 20year old youth activist and a certified Comprehensive Sexuality Education facilitator from Wa in the Upper East Region. She studies Bilingual Secretaryship at the Ghana Institute of Languages. [View Profile]

Rhoda Abugrago Adolwin
Rhoda Abugrago Adolwin
Rep. to Council

Rhoda Abugrago Adolwin is a 20year old graduate of the African Science Academy Senior High School. She Graduated in 2019 as the Most Improved student in her batch.
[View Profile]

Name of Executive Position Held
Claudia Koudjoe Lawson (Profile) National President & Southern Zone Representative
Theophilia Yaa Dzade-Soku (Profile) YAM-KNUST Branch – Middle Zone Representative to YAM National Executive Committee
Mohammed Numbo Fathiyat (Profile) National Treasurer & Northern Zone Representative
Dickson Irene Dufie (Profile)  YAM-Akwatia Branch Southern Zone Representative to National Executive Committee
Adu Amankwah Anita (Profile) YAM-Southern Zone Chairperson & Cape Coast Branch Chairperson
Rhoda Abugrago Adolwin (Profile) Middle Zone Representative To PPAG Council
Theophilia Yaa Dzade-Soku (Profile) Middle Zone Representative to YAM National Executive Committee
Priscilla Adubea Adjei (Profile) YAM-Middle Zone Chairperson & KNUST/Boadi Branch Chairperson
Mary Akanlobe Anyoka (Profile) YAM-Northern Zone Chairperson & Bolgatanga Branch Chairperson
Enyinnaya Godian Chimdalu (Profile) YAM-Sunyani Branch Chairperson
Godwin Yao Doe (Profile) YAM-Legon Branch Chairperson
Mahamud Nuhu (Profile) YAM-Wa Branch Chairperson
Nantomah Belawu (Profile) YAM-Walewale Branch Chairperson
Magdalene Dorto (Profile) YAM-Mepe Branch Chairperson
Osei Agyei Reginald (Profile) YAM-Akwatia Branch Chairperson

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