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Zero Discrimination Day, observed annually on March 1, is a global initiative led by UNAIDS to end discrimination in all forms. The Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana in collaboration with UNAIDS, commemorated the tenth edition of the #NoGreeDiscrimination campaign.

The campaign aims to challenge discrimination, promote awareness, and foster unity among diverse communities in Ghana. Through engaging content, meaningful conversations, and compelling reasons, the aspiration was to create a digital space that rejects discrimination and advocates for inclusivity and equality for all.

The campaign’s objectives were to raise awareness about the harmful impact of discrimination, encourage dialogue on social media platforms, promote unity under the hashtag #NoGreeDiscrimination, disseminate impactful information through visuals, statistics, and personal stories, and strengthen partnerships with youth networks to amplify the campaign’s reach. Activities planned included a social media campaign encouraging individuals to share stories and initiatives using #NoGreeDiscrimination, a video challenge inviting young people to share opinions on discrimination, phone call-ins via YENKASA to address discrimination-related issues and offer prizes for correct answers, and themed Twitter chats and Q&A sessions to engage participants and foster dialogue.

The campaign culminated in a multi-sectoral stakeholder dialogue held at Alisa Hotel on the last day of Zero Discrimination Day, featuring a panel discussion and breakout sessions focusing on the intersectionality of stigma and discrimination for marginalized groups, including young people, older persons, persons with disabilities, women, and girls.

The panel discussion and breakout sessions aimed to generate recommendations for establishing a national youth network on combating stigma and discrimination in Ghana.

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